Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming by Grace - Full Groom Prices

Dog Grooming by Grace

Grooming Services

Puppy First Groom £15 

Making your dog feel secure during grooming starts at regular appointments from being a puppy. This gentle treatment will keep your puppy fresh and healthy. 

Puppy Package £25 

A gentle way to introduce your puppy to the world of grooming with 2 little visits, each a little longer in time. Ensuring their first full groom is a positive and calm experience. 

Nail Clipping *on its own £6

Nail polish £3 

Wash and Blow Dry from £10

(eg Chihuahua) 

Dry Brush from £7

Full body brush with moisturising coat spritz to avoid hair damage. Great for coat maintenance to avoid matting.

De-shedding with optional bath from £30

De-shedding service to reduce seasonal shedding, especially for breeds with undercoats. Full brush out, high-powered blow dry and optional massage bath.

Facial Fold Cleaning *on its own £3 

Facial fold cleaning to maintain skin health. Suited to bulldog breeds.

Ear Cleaning *on its own £5

Gentle ear cleaning to reduce waxy build-up and maintain ear hygiene.

Tear Stain Facial £7

Relaxing and gentle blueberry facial and tear stain removal. Excessive staining will require more than one session.

Pawdicure *on it’s own £15 

Paws are soaked and gently massaged with anti-bacterial hibiscrub treatment wash, hair trimmed between paws and pads and claws trimmed.

* Included in the full groom price 

Dog Grooming by Rebeckah

Dog Grooming for dogs with behavioural problems

Dog Grooming for dogs with behavioural problems.

For some dogs, being groomed is scary, and they need extra time, a lot of patience and lots of cuddles. Canine Behaviourist Rebeckah only books one dog daily to ensure the process is calm and as relaxed as possible. Rebeckah is a force-free dog groomer. She believes that working with a dog to comply on their terms is a much kinder way of grooming. Rebeckah uses this way of thinking with all dogs, especially when training and grooming. If a nail clip takes an hour, then so be it. If Rebeckah needs to stop for a cuddle every ten minutes, then that’s no problem at all. There’s no rush. It’s about building up trust.

If you would like to book this service, you will be booking Rebeckah’s time for the full day. The groom can take anything from 2 hours to 6 hours. Your dog will be given rest breaks throughout the day and will be the only dog booked in. They will not be around any other dogs during their groom. The cost for this service is £120 for any breed and must be paid at the time of booking.

Dog Grooming by Rebeckah | No More Mucky Paws – Self Service Dog Wash

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